About FSM


Is to provide comprehensive sports training, leagues, tournaments, clinics, camps, recreation, education, research and facilities for that serve the year round needs of local people, in a positive and supportive environment, staffed by well-trained local individuals who will become participants without regard to skill level, ancestry, ethnicity, or gender.

FSM Centres is committed to ensure local individuals, families and clubs gain:
  • Access to sports opportunities
  • Wellness and lifelong physical activity
  • Access to a positive learning environment which will help develop and build self esteem

We are pleased to announce our latest appointment providing project management and construction services for the oldest club in the league Notts County who are developing an indoor artificial pitch at Meadow Lane.


Develop a multi-functional sports center that interacts and becomes a key integral part of the community

Create partnerships with schools, academies, colleges, local authorities and clubs to deliver sporting centers of excellence for the local community

Work on a school comes first ethos

Remove all the risk and hassle for our partners, providing them with an uninterrupted first class facility fully funded with all running costs covered

Provide solid experienced management to enhance the playing experience of grass roots sports participants in a safe and professionally managed environment at an affordable rate

To encourage participation from all social, religious and gender groups by increasing participation in sport we can help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and tackle local social issues.

Work with local development officers, professional clubs and governing bodies to ensure that provision is fulfilling local strategy to ensure players, coaches and referees who are showing promise of developing to a higher level can do so through the right channels