All investment and ongoing running costs for your facilities, development or refurbishment project so that you have zero risk. Read more...



A commitment from you to invest our time and expertise into creating a successful partnership. Read more...



A successful business partnership built upon existing venues, increasing your audience whilst keeping investment costs to a minimum. Read more...


We would love to meet with you and discuss our model further, this is a no obligation opportunity to meet with us and fire questions, chat and see if this is something for you. Please give us the opportunity to meet up we feel your site is perfect for our model and will benefit you, your pupils and staff and the local community greatly.




All investment and on going running costs so that you have zero risk, we cover any facility development or refurbishment costs, we pay for the management, maintenance and utilities, we look after the venue and ensure the facilities are fully functional and operational.

We only utilize the facilities outside of school hours, from 5pm midweek, and all day at weekends and during school holidays.

In addition to covering all the costs associated, FSM can provide an additional rental income. If the venue does not need investment into the facilities as they are already of a required standard then the rental income will in worst case exceed your current profit from the facilities, along with taking away all the hassle this provides a fabulous opportunity.

If the facility does need investment, we can still offer a rental income, this is determined by the level of investment required and based on refurbishment commitment at the end of facility lifespans, for example when the playing surface needs refurbishing. The worst case is a brand new facility that cost you and continues to cost you nothing and a rental income in addition, again a fabulous opportunity.

All we ask for is that if we are doing our job well, we continue to manage the facilities. If we have invested heavily, we need security of tenure, but we are happy to have safeguards built in to any lease that ensures we deliver. We understand that leases have a restriction in the number of years that can be offered from an educational establishment. We have arrangements in place that we can show you and references for you to speak with for confidence in what we do.
If the facilities do not need investment, then we ask for a management contract, nothing onerous, and again we provide safeguards for you that ensure we are doing what we say we will.
We need a commitment from you to invest our time and expertise into creating a successful partnership, if we are doing what we say, creating a sporting hub, a well organized and well used venue then we do not want our business to be taken from us, hence if we are delivering we need to know we can continue for the long run.







We are a transparent organization, and have solid values, and we appreciate the offer presents an almost, “too good to be true”, opportunity, we also know such offers usually are. Therefore it is key for us to explain what FSM gain from these potential partnerships.

Operating at locations with facilities already in place reduces our risk from a facility development and a marketing perspective. Firstly we are not spending on design and planning issues, which eliminates potential abortive costs, and secondly we can operate at well known destinations.  This allows us to focus on service and delivery.

We also get known venues with a potential audience on site.

Our model presents a robust solid business opportunity.

We do not wait for the phone to ring to sell sports courts and pitches, we create a time table and fill it with a wide range of deliveries from educational and development programs to leagues and coaching workshops, matches and training, and fun. We strive to provide an all inclusive facility, and we sweat the program on a lots of little’s basis so that prices are hugely competitive to ensure solid business return is gained.

We are successfully delivering this model and hope to continue to expand.